Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bala’s Mom Calls Ishita a Barren

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10th February 2015 episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein showcased Vandu’s baby shower function.

Raman’s MD gets angry when he knows that 5 lakh cash is missing. MD starts scolding the staff and asks them to call the accountant (Mr. Iyer). To which a staff member says that Mr. Iyer can’t come because there is a function in his house and also Iyer is Raman’s father-in-law. MD gets more angry asks to file a FIR against Mr. Iyer.

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On the other side, Ruhi insists Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) to do all the rituals. To which Ishita gets ready but Bala’s mom taunts her and says now a barren can do her bahu’s (Vandu) godh bharai. To hear this Ruhi starts scolding Bala’s mom and tells her that Ishi mom is not a Baanch. Then Ruhi do all the rituals and she makes Ishita wear the red bangles, Ishita smiles and hugs her cute daughter.

MD Takes Police to Iyer House in Search of the Missing Cash

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial

Amid the baby shower, suddenly inspector comes and asks for Appa (Vishwanathan Iyer) and says there is a FIR file against him for 5 lakhs missing. To which Raman says definitely there is a misunderstanding and asks who filed this report? Then MD comes and says I filed the report, to hear this Amma defends her husband. Raman says he will transfer the cash and find out the truth.

Suddenly Bala’s mom tells the inspector that, she has seen Iyer keeping cash in the cupboard. The inspector checks the house and gets a bag full of cash. To see the cash everyone asks Appa about the money. Then Ashok comes and gives money to the MD, to which MD gets angry. Raman and Ishita ask Appa to say the truth about cash.

Appa Reveals the Truth About the Cash

Suddenly Appa starts crying and says that, for Vandu’s function he sold his wife’s (Madu) jewelry and also shows everyone the receipt of jeweler. MD and the inspector checks the receipt and say sorry to Appa.

On the other side Romi worries about the theft money and calls doctor Puri. To which Puri tells him to relax and breaks the sim card and leaves. Here at Ishita’s house Raman requests all guests to leave.

After all this Raman talks to MD and says it’s his duty to take care of all this, as he hired them as an accountant. Raman also says he forgot that he is also an employee of the company and now he chooses to resign from your company.

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