Yash Raj Produced the Most Abusive Bollywood Film Ever

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Debutant film director Kanu Behl has escaped with murder, truly. Furthermore, a ton else in his highly acclaimed Bollywood upcoming movie Titli.

The film, created mutually by Dibakar Banerjee and Yash Raj Films, has as of now come into extreme prestige at different film worldwide celebrations. It was submitted for oversight a week ago. It was gone with an "A" Certificate.

Obviously, the Censor Board was stunned and educated by the overflowing of ill-uses exclamations and obscenities in the film.

Titli is One of the Most Abusive Film of Bollywood

"We are aware of a very long list of gaalis. But the ones used in Titli are in a league of their own. They go way beyond the routine insult to mothers and sisters," says a stunned individual from the Censor Board, admitting that his associates and he had never heard some of these abuses.
Titli Movie
"These are gaalis that even Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Bhardwaj are probably not aware of," says the CBFC member.
The Censor Board part includes that the CBFC was in a problem with reference to how to manage the downpour of obscenities.
"If we deleted or muted the gaalis, the entire film would have gaps in the soundtrack. Besides, this is a good film. So, the strong language is permissible," says the Censor Board member.
Additionally, the names of Dibakar Banerjee and Yash Raj gave the gaalis a certain authorization that would somehow or another have been incomprehensible.
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