Tommy Hilfiger Wishes To Collaborate With Sonam Kapoor

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Tommy Hilfiger, the American ace fashion designer is in India these days to celebrate his brand's 10th anniversary. The designer wishes to work with Bollywood actress and fashionista Sonam Kapoor whom he considers to be a perfect combination of beauty and brain.

Tommy heaped praises on Sonam saying, "Sonam is very beautiful and to add to that, she is a very smart woman. She is so talented, such a big name but still has so much humility. That is incredible. Our brand and Sonam have a similarity- we both are family-oriented. I can't choose any other star that would suit our brand, if I have Sonam in front of me,"

Indian fashion, as Tommy Hilfige’s inspiration

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Along with showing his glee for visiting back India, he elaborated that India has widely influenced his designs over the past few years. “I have been incorporating Indian designs in my collections for several years now. I have used paisley, Indian silk, prints, fabrics and especially colours, jewels and embroideries, beading and sequences. Indian fashion has stayed close to my heart ever since I came here first. Hence I keep using something, especially the handworks in my outfits," said the 63 year old ace designer, Tommy Hilfiger.

The designer even praised traditional Indian attire, for its emotional and vibrant blend. Tommy said his special items to mark his brand's 10th anniversary are also amalgamation of his style and Indian designs.