PM Modi – Born Leader Wins the Heart of Americans

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The Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi became the pole star in the sky above the central park of New York where he addressed about 60,000 young American hearts. Mostly students were the integral part of this crowd. The Indian prime minister along with Hugh Jackman took the youth on a melodious ride to the youth present there. A valuable social message was disguised in form of the melody.

Rock star welcome of PM Modi

The crowd was chanting Narendra Modi … Modi in an ambience full of vibrant colours and enthusiasm where our prime minister said-“I salute you………. May the force with you.” Our leader served as a messenger of peace and showered his blessings on the masses there says by an American scholar. Rendering basic civic amenities to the Indian population was an impressive action for her’ the American student.

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Mr Narendra Modi our PM epitomized the Indian culture and traditions which can be witnessed by his attire and the shloka spoken by him. The Indian PM was escorted by the American heart throb Hugh Jackman towards the stage where the thundering roars of the crowd for PM Modi shook the entire Venue.

A gesture of friendship

The over whelming response from America is depicted by the presence of huge and infamous personalities like the singer Carrie Underwood, the rapper Jay Z and Mr Hugh Jackman who occupied the eye canopy of the crowd. Mr Modi was greeted cordially by the Americans and the NRIs as well. This will surely empower the relationship between India and USA and the coalition could work to eradicate the malaise of terrorism and make world a peaceful place to live in.

Mr Narendra Modi even after acquiring the prime minister designation dint forget the Indian traditions and as a friendly gesture greeted the masses who gathered to have a glimpse of PM Modi.