Narendra Modi: “Anjali Ranadive” Performed At Madison Square

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Narendra Modi visited US on 28th Sep 2014

Narendra Modi visited Madison Square Garden in New York on 28th Sep. Indian – American Community Foundation (IACF) organized Modi’s reception.

For Modi's welcome, many Indian pop singers have performed, but performance of Indian origin girl “Anjali Ranadive” (Pop Singer) was special programmed . She sang the national anthem of the United States.

Anjali performed for Prime Minister Narendra Modi at New York's Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

Anjali Ranadive

IACF organized this program, which was created recently to promote cooperation between the US and India and advance the shared values of democracy.

Who is “Anjali Ranadive”

Anjali is already a popular star in the United States with her song “V turn up”. So, she is very well-known face of American pop industry and has achieved Bachelor's Degree in Marine Ecology from the University of California.

She is the young American pop singer and is the daughter of Vivek Ranadive (founder and CEO of TIBCO Company). He is popular American business man, amongst the few Indian industrialists and he was the crucial part of the Modi’s program held in USA.

Vivek is born in Mumbai and he belongs to Marathi background and moved to America in 80’s. He got master degree in electrical branch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.