#TheZoyaFactorReview: This Light-Hearted RomCom has Feel-Good Vibe

Many people rely on luck, especially in terms of cricket. And, the film 'The Zoya Factor' is for them. Read its' spoiler-free review here, and enjoy watching!

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#TheZoyaFactorReview: This Light-Hearted RomCom has Feel-Good Vibe

After giving an epic flick ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga’ which showed something out of the box, Sonam Kapoor is back on big screens, and this time she is playing ‘A Lady Luck.’

Based on a novel by Anuja Chauhan, the film “The Zoya Factor” directed by Abhishek Sharma showcases the story of Zoya Solanki. She is shown as an average girl who lives in a two-story "middle-class" palatial home that also includes a massive terrace and a garden.

Sonam constantly talks to the camera in practically every shot for exposition in her attempt to break the fourth wall, which will make you feel that if she could get a friend. As she was born the day India won the World Cup in 1983, she is believed to be lucky for cricket, or this is what her father believes.

Unfortunately, this luck has not worked into her life, as shown in the flick. Because her boyfriend dumps her soon the flick starts, and also Koel Purie (playing her boss) is less than impressed with her.

Although shortly her luck turns good as she is sent near the Indian cricket team to shoot an ad with them. Well, this is the place where she runs into the hard-working and skilled and Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan), the captain of the Indian cricket team, who is a bit annoyed with his team's unusual dependence on superstition, instead of relying on their talent.

It all happens because Nikhil is less than pleased since his team discovers that Zoya is their lucky mascot and is more than excited to have her around for their matches. Sadly, destiny has something else in store for him too.

The story took a twist when Nikhil feel in love with Zoya and also start believing in luck factor.

If we talk about the message film wants to deliver, it is how much one should rely on the luck factor for success. And, also what happens when someone gets so consumed by their belief in luck that they forget to put their best foot forward.

In an interview with Hindustan times, Sonam talked about her choice of roles. She said,

“I think young boys and girls were not rightly represented in our films for the longest time. When a character is imperfect, it becomes more relatable because, in real life, we are not perfect. Most of the characters I have portrayed are imperfect, but they represents us. For me, these are real characters.”

She added,

“In films, we tend to show the lead character as a perfect one -- like, the hero has the solution to everything, and the villain is so dark, and the girl has to be perfect in everything. It’s not real. I like to play characters that represent real people, rather than being aspirational on screen”

Talking about Nikhil’s character, Dulquer said,

“Ultimately, the movie is The Zoya Factor, but I like the character of Nikhil a lot. He believes in hard work and is self-made. I like the conflict of him believing one thing, even when every one around him believes another.”

While it comes to the collection, the movie earned only 1.50 crore net in two days. On the first day, it earned 70 lacs. And on Saturday, which is the second day, it earned 80 lacs. The collection on Sunday is yet to be announced.

Well, maybe the movie might not be getting better reviews, but you should decide on your own. Because maybe the movie gets relatable to your story and you start liking it. Hence watch it once for sure!