Swaragini: Dadimaa Makes Sisters Swara and Ragini Go Separate Ways!

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10th march 2015 episode: Colors TV’s newest show Swaragini started with Swara trying to persuade her Dida and mom. Ragini calls Swara and tells her to meet. Swara waits for Ragini at the lakeside where Ragini comes.

Swara thinks that Ragini has come to end their animosity however soon she breaks her illusion accusing Swara’a mother the reason for death of her mother. Furthermore, Ragini says that she doesn’t even wish to see her face.

Ragini Pushes Swara Badly in Swaragini Serial

Swaragini Serial

Swara tries to make Ragini understand however, she doesn’t believe on her, accepting her dadimaa’s story as truth. Swara tries hard to make Ragini understand but she throws her pushing her away. Dadimaa becomes happy to see them parting their ways.

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On the other hand, while Swara walks on the road in Swaragini serial, she gets hold by Lucky who takes revenge from her by splashing colors on her. However, Swara ignores him in her own grief. Dadimaa contrarily thinks that now everything would get well. Dadimaa approaches Ragini and tells her that today is a big day of her life.

What would be Swara’s Next Step in Swaragini?

Swaragini Cast

She takes out bangles and tells Ragini that it’s her mother’s bangles and she would be happy to see her, Ragini gets emotional. Sumi asks her mother (Swara’s dida) and Swara to sit inside and she closes the doors, as she doesn’t want to spoil her day.

Now the upcoming Swaragini episode would tells us that how would Swara make Ragini believe that her mother is innocent. To know more keep reading our daily updates!

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