Satrangi Sasural: Vihaan gets Broken to See his Mother in Jail

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Latest episode of Zee TV’s daily soap Satrangi Sasural depicted Priyanka and Harpreet in the police station. Narmada breaks down into tears, saying that she never knew that Aarushi would do such an act. The two consoles her and assures her to get her out on bail. Narmada feels totally broken on the other hand, Nilima tries to contact Vihaan or Aarushi however both couldn’t get on phone.

Geeta supports the two, Nilima says that they might be taking revenge upon them and tries to put all the blame on Aarushi. Unfortunately, the lawyer informs them that they are late and now Narmada has to spend two days in jail as the court is closed for holi.

Aarushi Shows Door to Buaji in Satrangi Sasural

Satrangi Sasural-Serial

Inside the jail, Narmada keeps on crying and the jail food makes her even more outraged. Besides the food and jail stint, the other imamates of the jail also becomes a nuisance for Narmada.

Here at Aarushi’s place in Satrangi Sasural serial, Buaji and Prahlad comes to meet Vihaan. They take Vihaan away fussing him about the holi celebrations. During the holi celebrations, Vihaan seems sad however, Aarushi raise his spirits. Dadaji tells Aarushi (Mugdha Chaphekar) to take blessings of her family as it’s her first holi after marriage, she also consents and tells him that she would talk to them.

How Would Aarushi and Vihaan get Narmada Out of Jail?

Satrangi Sasural-Aarushi

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On the other hand, Aarushi comes to know about Buaji’s deed that what has her action influenced Vihaan’s mother. Fumed Aarushi packs buaji’s bags and asks her to leave the place Dadaji too supports her.

Aarushi and Vihaan become appalled to see Narmada in jail however she shows them hatred, Vihaan and Aarushi are totally heartbroken to see this. To read more Satrangi Sasural written updates, stay tuned!

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