KWK6: Vicky and The Donor(Ayushmann) Made an Amazing Debut

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After several sizzling pairs on Koffee with Karan 6, one more best duo graced coffee couch yesterday night. No wonder their Bromance made it one of the best episodes so far.

Their appearance on Koffee with Karan proves that not only in movies but they both can entertain us anywhere. It was one amazing episode filled with funny answers, chilling acts, and many secret revelations. Their whole conversation was quite interesting and full of fun, laugh, and genuineness.

The show had a unique beginning where Ayushmann reveals that he's not watched Koffee With Karan since 2012 as he wasn't invited ever and Vicky replied that it's his favorite show since years.

In mid of the conversation, Ayushmann told everyone that he was initially named 'Nishant,' but later his parents changed it to Ayushmann, though his relatives still address him as 'Nishu.' At the same time, Karan also said that he was originally named 'Rahul' right after his birth. However, Hiroo Johar (Karan's mother) had a dream that her son's name should be 'Karan' instead of Rahul. So, the next day he was renamed as Karan Johar.

Karan said,

"When I was born my name was Rahul. I was Rahul Kumar Johar for 12 days. On my Janam Patri, it still says Rahul Kumar Johar."
Well, this reveals why lead actors in most of his movies are named ‘Rahul.’

Also, he revealed that his full name, in reality, is Karan Kumar Johar. Well, Vicky Kaushal immediately assigned him a set of new initials "KKJo." It left everybody burst out laughing.

Another interesting fact about this episode was an additional game ‘the Acting Game’ by Karan Johar, besides the Rapid Fire and the gaming round. During the Acting Game, it was one laugh moment when Ayushmann babbled out Sunny Deol's signature lines. Well, Vicky was his perfect partner in crime.

As usual the best part of KJo’s talk show ‘Rapid Fire Round’ was outstanding. When asked to name three stars, Ayushmann revealed he wants to go on a holiday with Deepika, Katrina, and Anushka. Also, the new ‘Dream Girl’ added that he has a man-crush on Ranbir Kapoor.

Further, when asked “what is the new rumor he wants to start?”, Vicky Kaushal said, "I am the new Dharma kid." Also, he revealed that because of his unconventional looks, he "could never say that I wanted to be the hero" at the beginning of his career.

At the time when Karan told Raazi actor about one rapid-fire answer Katrina gave that they two would look good together in a movie, URI actor pretended to faint.

Further, while it was finally the time for the hamper, both Ayushmann and Vicky were looking forward as it was a tie as both gave rapid as well as burning answers.

In all, it was full of fun with Vicky and the donor.

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