Viral Lady Ranu Mondal Records Another Song “Aashiqui Mein Teri”

A Ranaghat station singer Ranu Mondal became a Bollywood singer overnight and has recorded five to six songs already. Read all about her life journey here.

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Viral Lady Ranu Mondal Records Another Song “Aashiqui Mein Teri”

Social media has the power to make someone bigger and that too in one night. Well, that’s what happened with Ranu Mondal. Yes, singer and viral sensation Ranu Mondal is on a roll only because of social media.

And since the day her first video singing “Ek Pyaar ka Nagma hai” melodiously outside a railway station in Kolkata got viral, she started singing songs for movies and more. Moreover, an NGO recently gave her a makeover to encourage and support her talent.

At first, Ranu completed her first singing project by Himesh Reshammiya through which her life is transformed. RJ Alok tweeted the clip of Ranu Mondal comprising both the moments her first singing on the railway station and second in the recording room. He wrote,

“MIRACLES HAPPENS .... Just be in the flow .. It's Life changing moment for Ranu mandol ji. Sometimes back we saw her singing at Ranaghat station Kolkata and after social media trend ,today she sung a playback song for himesh reshammiya Bhai.
This is truly inspiring. RjAlok”

Soon after, Himesh shared another video of the Ranu singing the second track titled Aadat.

And, now today, he again shared a clip of Mondal recording the reprised version of 36 China Town’s “Ashiqui Mein Teri.”

However, recently, Elizabeth Sathi Roy, her estranged daughter, claimed that she didn't know her mother used to sing on the platform of Ranaghat railway station as she could not visit her mother regularly. Sathi added that the two of them were always in touch, contrary to reports that she reunited with her mother only after Mondal’s overnight fame.

Sathi told IANS in an interview,

“I didn't know that ma used to sing at the railway station because I could not visit ma regularly. I had been to Dharmatala (in Kolkata) a couple of months ago and found her sitting aimlessly at a bus stand. I told her to go home immediately and gave her Rs 200.”

She added,

“I used to send her Rs 500 as and when possible using an uncle's account. I am a divorcee and run a small grocery shop in Suri (a small town in Birbhum district), where I stay. I am a single mother looking after my younger son, so I have my own struggles. Still, I try to look after ma as much as I can. I tried to get her to stay with us several times, but my mother does not want to stay with us. Despite this, people are blaming me. The public is against me. Who do I go to now?”

Well, Sathi concluded,

“Even though everybody is blaming me, I will continue to support ma. I will request ma to come and stay with me in Suri, but I will never force her. If she decides to shift to Mumbai, I will go and stay with her along with my son. I love her. She has been through a lot in life and is finally getting recognition for her godgifted voice. I am proud to be her daughter.”

Apart from all, there were reports that Salman Khan has offered her a chance to sing in Dabangg 3 and also bought Ranu Mondal an Rs. 50-lakh flat.

However, Ranu denied the claim and said,

“I have not met Salman Khan yet. But I love his film ‘Tere Naam’”

In a recent interview, she revealed her life journey that she was born into a well-to-do family. But, she got separated from her parents soon. Later, she came Mumbai to West Bengal due to her marriage with a cook of late Bollywood star Feroz Khan. Then her own family broke down, and her struggle for livelihood increased.

Also, she shared her views about all the attention she is getting at the moment. She said:

“I am very happy and feeling great. I have already recorded five to six songs. The thing is, music facilities in Mumbai means a lot to me. They are important. To commute to and from my home to Mumbai on plane is also difficult. It would have been better had there been a house in Mumbai. But I don’t have to think about it. God is there.”