VHP Drags Kareena Kapoor Khan in Love Jihad Campaign!

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Controversies on the name of religious matters have become the most favorite chore for politicians and outfit today, in our country. Off late, Bollywood industry’s much-acclaimed actress, Kareena Kapoor’s name has been yet again taken in an attempt to counter ‘Love Jihad’!

Kareena Kapoor Hoaxed In ‘Love Jihad’ Campaign

Kareena Kapoor’s morphed image on the cover of VHP’s (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) magazine demonstrated another attempt under the ‘love Jihad’ campaign to restrains Hindu women from marrying men of Muslim community.

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Vishva Hindu Praishad’s young women wing has came up with with a campaign abbreviated to ‘reconvert’ all Hindu women who married Muslim men. Himalaya Dhwani magazine’s latest issue published by Durga Vahini, depicts Kareena Kapoor Khan’s morphed face half in a Hindu look wearing ‘sindur’ and half covered with ‘niqab’ with caption:

“conversion of nationality through religious conversion”

Saif Ali Khan Shows His Outrage over the VHP Matter

kareena Kapoor morphed image -VHP magazine

Rajni Thukral, northern Indian regional coordinator of Durga Vahini said,

“She is a celebrity. The youth try to emulate celebrities. They think if she can do so, why not us?”

The magazine’s editorial section further elaborates to add, “There has been much debate on love jihad and conversions. The nation was divided and Pakistan was created because of conversions. If a girl gets caught in love jihad and becomes Muslim by mistake and now wants to return to her original faith, isn’t it her right? It’s strange that some parties claiming to be secular call this conversion.”

Kareena Kapoor’s beloved husband Saif Ali Khan took his stand over the matter saying that:

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"It's ridiculous and not surprising... but these uneducated and bigoted ideas are the worst of India and condemning them is important,"
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