At 35, Bipasha Basu won’t Play a College Girl on Screen

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Sensual actress of Bollywood, Bipasha Basu recently celebrated her 35th birthday on Wednesday.

Gorgeous Bipash says, she wants to play the role, which suites her personality. So she wouldn't prefer to come as college girl on-screen.

Recently we have seen her outstanding performance in "Creature 3D". Now all the Bipasha’s fans get ready to see the curvy beauty depicting double role in her upcoming horror movie ‘Alone’.

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When Bipasha Basu was asked that, why she selected this horror film? Then the bold actress replied "If at all anybody offers me a role of a college girl, I won't do it. It is very frivolous! You have to do roles that suit you."

Hotty Bipasha Basu Describes  her Personality  

She thinks that, if she will come up with "strong roles" on the silver screen, then People would defiantly extol it.

Recently in an Interview, she was asked- Be it Jism, Race, Dhoom 2 or now Alone your body language has always been naturally sensuous and captivating. What's the importance of right Body Language in conveying sensuality on screen? She answered,

“You need to be a little effortless in whatever you are doing on screen. If you forcibly try to be somebody, you're never going to be that. Style and sexual appeal are 2 things that no one can teach you. It is your inherent style and appeal which looks nice on screen.

Sometimes, in sexy scenes, people put a lot of effort and make a lot of expressions, it looks so cheesy! It's absolutely no-no for me. People need to understand what is sexy, what is sensual, what is crass and what in-your’s-face is. As an actor, there are times when you are inhibited when you are doing (sensual) scenes. But the choice of film and character that you have made makes you at that moment understand that you need to do things. And there's nobody putting a gun on your head you're not on that stage. So you do everything according to your comfort level”

She said,

"People want to see me in strong roles...whether it's in an artistic film or comedy. They want a lot of strength (in the character). And I only care about my audience, about entertaining the people who love me,"

Bipasha Basu Again Set to Rock the Big Screen on January 16

Currently Bipasha is busy in the promotions of ‘Alone’. She is feeling glad to receive positive response for the trailer of her next ‘Alone’. The actress even seems very hopeful that, the movie will rock on the floor with its release on January 16.
"I feel good when my work is appreciated. People like my chemistry with Karan. This film is not just a horror story, it a love story." She Said.
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