Inter Cast Marriage Is No Jihad: Saif Ali Khan’s Take On ‘Love Jihad’

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Saif Ali khan is a well know tensile town actor and the 10th Nawab of Pataudi, he has always been an undogmatic individual. The actor is born to a Hindu mother and a Muslim father, and has always seen to give importance to his personal life over all the religious as well as cultural medians.

The actor got married to Amrita Singh, an actress who was elder to him and was also from a Hindu family. Saif’s second wife Kareena Kapoor also belongs to a Hindu family. Saif Alia Khan, for the first time opened up about his religious view in public, via a Colum in ‘The Indian Express’.

Saif Ali Khan’s take on ‘Love Jihad’

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Pointing towards the much talked about ‘Love Jihad’ issue, he said that, ever since his childhood he had been taught to believe in one God, and low religious differences. Thus he said that he doesn’t believe, inter-religious marriages were any form of ‘Jihad’.

The actor also highlighted the facet were people are frightened to marry their daughters with Muslim men as it is apparently suppose that quick divorce, multiple marriage or conversion would be the consequence.

"All this is undoubtedly outdated. A lot of Islam needs to modernise and renew itself in order to be relevant. We also need a loud moderate voice to separate the good from the evil," said Khan.

Sail Ali and Kareena Kapoor's wedding moments: