SRK’s Shoot down on Aamir Khan, Calls Him a Half-Actor

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The trio of the Bollywood rulers often makes the news for the jerks in their relationships. Even after the sprouting of new seedlings in the Bollywood these Khan Stars have held their throne robustly. Salman and Aamir Khan are good companions since a long time. But the things are not so friendly between shahrukh khan and the other two khan pals. This statement of the Badshah Khan has ignited a cold war between SRK and Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan.

The saga of hostility between Khans

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The tug of war between SRK on one side and Salman and Aamir on the other hand seems to be continued after SRK calls Aamir a 'half- actor' during promotion activity of his upcoming movie "Happy New Year". The storyline behind this statement commences this way that the superstars were supposed to sing the songs as the rapper cum singer turned down due to his illness. The melodrama began when BomanIrani sang a song Give me some sunshine from the movie 3 idiots. Although the song is infamous enough but SRK allegedly denied that he knew the film and the song too.

Witticism in Criticism

Boman but obviously stated the song was from Aamir’s smash hit movie 3 idiots. SRK then questioned Boman about the lead actor of the film. Conclusively SRK mocked Mr Perfectionist by commenting that when huge stars are holding the stage then the need of singing a song from a movie of Half Actor is eliminated.