Raveer Sing to Go Bald For Bajirao Mastani!!

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The lootera of bolllywood, Ranveer Singh has decided to go bald for his upcoming movie Bajirao Mastani. The actor has always been experimenting with his looks and now the actor has taken it a notch higher, by deciding to go bald.

The actor has even decided to dedicate a whole year for the movie, “I have been thinking about it. I think the way I plan to prep for Bajirao Mastani, I will be underground for a considerable amount of time, so I can do it without it affecting my work. I have finished all my endorsements and commercials. Once I go into this zone, I want to go into the depths of it. It is a physical transformation that I have to do. I think am going to explore myself as an actor creatively with this character. I think it will be worth it."- said Singh.

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The actor elaborated that he always desired to act in a film which is a bland of both the genres. This shows that this movie Bajirao Mastani is really close to Ranveer’s heart. Ranveer here also said that, “   "I understand success and failure is part of our life, but we should be grounded and not get carried away by success. If you don't get too carried away by success and if you don't get bogged down by failure, if you can just maintain it... I think that's a good way to move about".

Well, we appreciate Ranveer’s devotion for his upcoming movie, and send her best wishes for the same!