Secret society members of Big Boss 8 finally revealed!

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One of the most controversial shows of Indian television Big Boss 8 has gone on air, on Sunday September 21. The show this time came up with an exciting format, in which the contestants become the yantris (passengers) and the set made in the form of an aeroplane. Withal this, the other big twist of the show was the introduction of a secret society, comprising 3 members, given the authority of ruling the other 12 contestants. .

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The show created a lot of buzz from the very first day and built curiosity in the fans about the identity of the secret society members which was under the veil. But, finally yesterday’s episode unveiled the identity of the secret society members. The secret members are actor Puneet Issar, actress Deepshikha Nagpal and RJ Preetam.

Though the secret society is revealed to the audiences but the excitement of the show is still heating up, as the secret society is still a secret to the inner house members.  There are many excitements yet to come in the show, as the secret social has the power and are in charge for the big boss house members.

Let’s see what would be the next step of this secret society trio.