Ranveer Singh Reveals That He Lost His Virginity at the Age of 12

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Ranveer Singh Lost his Virginity or Was Sexually Abused..?

Ranveer Singh is very candid about his personal life, and recently he revealed something very special.

He endorse a condom brand and when the question is asked from him that in which age he lost his virginity first time, so without any hesitation, he said "I lost my virginity when I was 12, I was still studying, me and my friends were all just 12 years old when it happened. I didn't have sex for love or lust or anything like that, but did it out of curiosity."

The girl, who shared the bed with Ranveer, was older than him, and she was not from his batch. He also said, "After that experience I started giving tuition to my friends, I would go and sit at the back bench and everybody would gather around me."

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He says in addition, "My friends' mothers would call me a rotten apple, he is spoiling our kids! This how people used to think about me." Ranveer sure plays the playboy roles to perfection on-screen, but who knew the actor was a master of the trade in his real life.

Ranveer further added that "When ever I did online shopping, I used to see many sites selling all kind of products but no one sell condoms. So I wondered and immediately called my manager to contact the Durex brand company and set up a meeting with them." He used the same brand company's condom. He added in supplementary, "People always make condom ads very sensuous and lustful but I wanted to show at something that's good."

Although, Ranveer Singh said that he lost his virginity with a woman above his age out of curiosity, if we go by the mentioned Act, Ranveer Singh was sexually abused as a minor….Don’t you think the same???