Rakhi Sawant’s Shocking Announcement about Her Cleavage

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It seems that item girl Rakhi Sawant is the quick follower of media, few days back Rakhi targeted the former porn star Sunny Leone, as well known by the crowd for this item girl, is the comparison that she made with many of the Bollywood heroines and item number girls all around the media with herself always upsets her fans.

Rakhi Sawant Surprising Twists That Came Out on Media Channels

She feels self - glorified in saying how brave and bold she is and how skimpy others are. Rakhi Sawant is the epitome of ‘tit for tat’, girl that does not leave anyone to come across the media after commenting on her character.

Recently Rakhi Sawant’s another side of the face is revealed in the video. The old B- town girl makes some heinous announcement all about her cleavage.

Rakhi Sawant Cleavage

In the recorded script you can find her saying: ‘I have spent so much money on my cleavage, why won’t I show it off!’
This was not the first proclamation asserted by Rakhi Sawant, you can find number of deeds of her in many of the Bollywood news reports and channels. Wait for her next out of the blue actions till then enjoy the latest video of her through which again she will hike some of the popularity.
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