Rakhi Sawant Hot Music Video, She Again Threatens Sunny

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Rakhi Sawant may attempt her hand at movies and Politics issues yet what she's okay at is being what she began as an item girl.

The starlet was as of late spotted shooting a music video for a song called ‘Party Punjabi Style, at Goregaon Future Studio, in the western suburb of Mumbai. This Rakhi Sawant hot video has been directed by Aziz Zee with music by DJ Sheizwood.

Rakhi Sawant Hot Video Source: "rediff.com"

Rakhi Sawant Hot Video

Watch Rakhi Sawant Hot Video Pics Here

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Rakhi Sawant Said: Main Leela Ko Geela Kar Dungi

Rakhi Sawant is back with what she excels at - raving! She has once more picked Sunny Leone as her objective. Last time, she pummeled media for comparing Sunny Leone and her. This time, Rakhi is back with her urgent shenanigans to stay in the spotlight. The discussion ruler has requested that Sunny Leone get lost from India!

Rakhi Sawant-Sunny Leone Source: "Thenewstribe.com"

She further said, “Main Rakhi Sawant aayi hu "Leela" ko Geela karne”.
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