Koffee With Karan 6: The Power Couple Ajay-Kajol Share the Couch

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Since the teaser released, everyone was waiting for Kajol and Ajay on the sets of Koffee with Karan 6. Not only audiences but the host himself was all set to entertain one of his closest friends Kajol and her husband Ajay on his talk show. No wonder, it was one of the most interesting episodes of Season 6 so far.

As expected, a lot of fireworks happened when Karan started conversing about an ugly fallout they faced in 2016 as their films, Ae Dil he Mushkil and Shivaay, clashed at the box office. And, a tweet by Kamaal R Khan had created a dispute between Karan and Ajay as Kajol chose to side with her husband. Because of this dispute, Karan mentioned a chapter in his book “An Unsuitable Boy” regarding how he and Kajol could never be friends again.

Along with several revelations, the two (Karan and Kajol) shared stories about the time that how hard it was for them to avoid each other while they were fighting. And, then they got emotional on how much they missed each other during that time.

Further, in the conversation, Ajay teased Kajol for her social media habits that how she puts a lot of effort in choosing the right pictures to upload on social media.

He said, “The problem is not clicking the picture. Problem is, three hours they are only correcting the picture so that they can post it. She’s never done this in her life, budhaape (old age) me aake I don’t know why.” Though, on this, she promptly replied, “Tumhara budhaapa hoga, mera toh nahi hai! (you must be old, I am not).”

Similarly, Kajol revealed how Ajay is a ‘hyper’ father who waits by the door until his daughter Nysa is back home. And, when Karan asked Ajay that what he’d say to the boy Nysa (Ajay Kajol’s daughter) brought home to meet him, he said with a straight face, “Get out.”

Moreover, we saw, Ajay is not only a typical Indian father but also a typical Indian husband. He is the kind who even forgets his wedding date, admits to not listening to her half the time and also teases his wife over her age. And, this was proved when Karan asked him about the one lie that all actors tell, he quickly said, “I love my wife.” Immediately, Kajol gave him a death stare, so, Ajay had to clarify that he was talking about other stars, not him. (You are laughing, me too!


Furthermore, in the rapid fire round, Ajay said that he thought all of KJo’s cinemas which started with the letter “K” earn well but when they made Kaal, it super flopped. Besides, Karan asked Kajol to pick between My Name is Khan (which is Karan’s film) and Fanaa. Kajol picked Fanaa without hesitating, and this offended Karan!

Though, during rapid fire, Kajol said, “okay, he’s winning this Audi,” made all three laugh hard!