Biggest Secret of Kareena Kapoor’s Size Zero Figure Revealed!

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Everyone, in particular, girls are always conscious about their figure and appearance. Many of them feel envious to see our curvy Bollywood beauties however, if you think that they are born with those to-die-for sleek zaftig body then you are indeed wrong. Name a B-town actor or actress, look down to their childhood and you would notice that they were nothing less than potbellied lad.

Kareena Kapoor, now Kareena Kapoor Khan, turned out to be the epitome of voluptuous figure in Bollywood with her size zero body and yet there are girls who are at the ready to do anything getting hold of assets. Well today we are here to make you come aware of the unwrapped secret of Kareena Kapoor fitness. Excited? You better be!

Well it was all the magic of Rujuta Diwekar’s diet plans that Bebo followed during for the movie Tashan. Let have a look…

Kareena Kapoor Weight Loss Diet Chart- To Shed Oodles of Weight!

kareena-kapoor-rujuta-diwekarKareena Kapoor weight loss diet chart by nutritionist say a big no no to Bed tea or coffee. She had to eat a fresh fruit as apple or banana after walking up from her bed in the morning. Kareena has been told to eat every two hours. Consequently she takes her breakfast at an hour from the bed time fresh fruit.

Well if you are thinking that Poooo eats soups and salad for keeping her body in shape that you are wrong. She takes proper diet, but in the fashion that has been decided for her by Rujuta. The two hours time interval plan has also been described in Rujuta’s book ‘Don’t lost your mind, lose your weight’.


Another two hours from her after bed apple, she consumes a hand full of peanuts and with another 2hour gap, she takes her lunch and further a glass of soya milk. The actress makes sure that she takes all her intakes within the fixed time gaps.

The lunch time has been fixed between 1-2 PM and dinner at 7 PM. The rule is to go for one thing at once, which means one can’t eat too much at a time, it decreases the metabolism and increases the weight.

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Two-Hour Diet Principle of Kareena Kapoor’s Weight Loss Plans

Along with her diet, she has been substituted to multivitamins, which could fulfill all her deficiencies of omega 3 fatty acids, protein and calcium, being a vegetarian.

kareena kapoorMorning – B-Complex(All the B vitamins, including niacin, thiamine, Vit B6, B12, etc)

Afternoon – Flaxseed supplement (Best when taken with lunch) for the essential omega 3 and 6

Post Dinner – Calcium tablet for healthy bones and restful sleep.

Kareena Kapoor weight loss plan made her shed 13kgs of weigh and still going strong with her sexy and to die for curves. Not just Bebo, Rujuta Diwekar is the nutrition of Preitz Zinta, Anil Ambani and now after her assistance to Kareena, she has also been the personal dietitian her hubby Saif and sis Karishma.

So, girls the secret is now in your hands, so if you are up for getting hold of Kareena’s sexy figure then make sure to follow her diet chart!

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