Would Jodha Identify the Reason Behind Akbar’s Marriage?

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In Zee TV’s famous historical serial Jodha Akbar’s 416 episodes, we saw Jodha is shocked about Akbar’s marriage with Bela.

Prince Salim and Anarkali met Farhan and they are trying to stop this marriage, but Rukaiya Begam is very happy and excited about Akbar’s marriage.

Salim Informs Jodha About the Reason Behind Akbar’s Marriage

Jodha Begam is very upset, but still she is doing the preparations of Akbar’s marriage. Prince Salim comes to Jodha Begam and asks her what she thinks about this marriage. He (Salim) tells her (Jodha) that Akbar (Rajat Tokas) is helpless for this marriage. Akbar was attending Bela’s wedding and now he is getting married to Bela after the death of bridegroom.

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Jodha Akbar Wallpaper

Salim thinks Akbar might be responsible for the death of Dhrumad (Bela’s bridegroom). Salim also mentions that Bela is in love with Farhan. After this, Jodha comes to Akbar and asks him about this marriage, but Akbar didn’t reply to her. He rudely says that ‘I love Bela’, however Jodha doesn’t believe it.

Salim Promises Jodha to Stop Akbar’s Marriage

Jodha thinks there is some serious matter behind Akbar’s marriage.  Jodha tries to change Akbar’s decision, but she fails. Salim tells Jodha that he will not let this happen until he is alive.

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