Sasural Simar Ka: Shruti (Avika Gor) is the Real Roli, Is That True?

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The recent episode of the Sasural Simar Ka was really very shocking. Shruti (Avika Gor), who look exactly like Roli told all the Bhardwaj house members that, she will do everything that they want her to do. Simar (Deepika Samson) told her, its breakfast time now so go to the kitchen and make breakfast for all. She said ok.

After Shruti went to the kitchen, Mataji Said how this could happen, she is the copy of Roli, but on the other hand our Roli is with us with a new face. How could this be possible?

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While, on the other hand Uma (Snehal Sahay) was praying for her husband Sattu, who was in a great shock and his body was not responding. Sid, Roli (Sara Khan) and Uma all prayed for him.

Why Vashnavi Prayed for Sattu, When She Didn’t Even Know him

Sasural Simar Ka Cast-Uma

Suddenly, Vashnavi came to Sattu’s ward, put Gangajal on him, and started praying for him. Then Doctor came and told her, what she was doing there. She said she did pooja for Mr Roy and she was here to put Gangajal on him. Doctor said, Mr Roy had been shifted from this ward and you putted Gangajal on the other person. She said, she didn’t know about that and she said sorry to all.

Doctor said, Sattu’s reports are normal, he had a shock on his brain, take him home, he will feel better over there.

The scenario of the Bhardwaj house was entrenched under confusions and disbelief. Suddenly, Pari (Shweta Sinha) said, she could be Jhumki. Everybody recalled Jhumki. Simar said, Jhumki loved our family and she couldn’t do this with us.

The girl shruti is not Jhumki. Aman thinks, that why she is exactly looking like Roli, did she have any connection with her?

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