Monster Comedy Adventure Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer Revealed!

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The trailer of 3D Computer animated fantasy comedy Hotel Transylvania 2 has been finally released. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, the animated film is the second installment of 2012 released Hotel Transylvania.

The new Hotel Transylvania 2 trailer shows Drac making his comeback in Hotel Transylvania 2, for a new monster adventure.

Fuss at Hotel Transylvania 2 Down to Drac’s Old-School Dad Vald

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This time the Dracula has unlocked the door of the hotel for human’s as well, however his great grandson Dennis has become a spanner in his works. The vamp has incepted a monster in training camp for Dennis, while Mavis and Johnny are on a visit to her human in-laws.

Well the twist comes with Drac’s grouchy and old fashioned father Vlad decides to visit the hotel. Thinks starts being twirled badly, now it would be interesting to see, what would happen when Vlad would get acquainted about the fact that Dennis is yet not a pure blood Vampire and the Drac has opened the doors of Hotel Transylvania 2 for humans?

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