Bigg Boss 8 Contestants: Funny Jokes and Memes

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Bigg Boss 8 is an Indian reality show. It is the most successful and high TRP rating show. Many contestants made their strong presence in Bollywood industry after doing Bigg Boss seasons. Sunny Leone, Elli Avram, Sana Khan, and many celebrities find money and fame from this show.

We are here to present some trolls on Bigg Boss 8 contestants. This is not made for hurting anybody’s emotions, but we are only putting some humors and healthy jokes, so please take it as a fun or creature.

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Karishma Tanna Jokes: Karishma VS Gautam Gulati


Karishma Tanna proves her dumbness in the Bigg Boss house. In an episode of Bigg Boss 8, when Salman Khan asked her about the president of India, then she said Narendra Modi is the president of India. This was truly the height of dumbness. So here we get some more humor on Karishma Tanna. View at once, this is really very funny.


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