Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quali Mirza’s Wild Card Entry

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These days Bigg Boss’s house is dancing on the grove of the new and the foremost captain, Ali Quali Mirza. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 8, Ali Quali the new wild card entry flabbergasted the contestants, and in next to no time Ali was made the first captain of the house by Bigg Boss.

Alia’s captaincy and the housemates’ loathing

Ali taking his captaincy seriously assigned, cleaning as well as other household duties to all the inmates. Ali instructed the housemates that he wants every housemate to perform their assigned duties efficiently without any snub.

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Ali Quali Mirza-Bigg Boss

As a result, there was seen a lot of resentment amongst the contests. Where Diandra told Karishma that there will be a lot of topsy-turvy regarding the kitchen soon, on the other hand Sonali articulated that the housemates will scream on bad food.

Sushant aversion for Ali

Bigg Boss being ‘Meharbaan’ on Ali gives a new power to the captain. Ali was said to nominate one of the contestants directly into the eliminations zone for the upcoming week, as a result of which Ali takes the name of Sushant Divgikar.

Well it seems like the games inside the Bigg Boss house are taking interesting turn, let’s wait and watch what’s in the card for the contestants??