Being Compared To Narendra Modi Is an Accolade for SRK

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The King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan would have been received several compliments so far. But lately during the promotion of his upcoming release Shah Rukh said that, being matched up to Narendra Modi, the PM is akin a compliment to him.

See what Shah Rukh said?

“He (Modi) is the leader of the country. We expect him to take the country forward, while people expect me to entertain the country. Therefore, my being compared with Modi is a bit strange, but I take it as a compliment," said the actor.

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SRK is as popular as Modi as the BJP leader is in the country's politics

When a reporter said this to the King Khan then admiring the PM he replied, "I like to listen about such a comparison, but I don't think that it is correct, because my profession and his (Modi) profession is different,"

"He (Modi) is a big leader. People love him a lot and like him a lot. Therefore, being compared to him is like a compliment" added Shah Rukh.