First Look: Anushka Sharma with Aamir's PK Transistor

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Today’s Bollwood is much more contingent on the movie’s promotional strategies than on the movie itself.  These days Bollywood actors can be spotted doing anything, at anyplace intended for the promotion of their film. This also goes with our Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan; Amir is pulling out all stops, for making PK the much talked about film in Bollywood.

Anushka Sharma with Aamir's PK transistor

The first poster of PK, where Amir was seen posing nude with a transistor, created a lot of buzz all over the places. After then several other posters got released featuring Amir and Sunjay Dutta, now it was Anushka’s turn, subsequently she divulged a video, putting into words that now it’s her turn to pose with the infamous transistor.

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Have a look at the motion picture to see Anushka Sharma with Aamir and PK transistor!!

Anushka Sharma-Amir-PK poster

Lately the lead Aamir took it to tweeter for unveiling the next motion picture of their movie. The motion picture of the film is featuring both Aamir as well as Anushka in a not seen before avatars.