Ananya Panday Launches 'So+' An Initiative Against Social Media Bullying

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Ananya Panday Launches 'So+' An Initiative Against Social Media Bullying

Ananya Panday, a B-town actress who recently made debut with Punit Malhotra's 'Student of the Year 2, announces her initiative on the occasion of World Social Media Day, 30 June 2019.

She named the initiative as ‘So Positive’ on her official handle, which is created to build a community to create maximum awareness on social media bullying. The actress has launched one of its kind platforms to battle it all and has been vocal on the whole cause.

Urging people to stop creating hatred on social media platforms, Ananya posted a video on social media.

In the video, she is seen talking about personal struggles with social media bullying. She captioned the video as,

“A part of growing up is taking responsibility & as a woke Millennial I, Ananya Panday introduce y’all to my Digital Social Responsibility initiative 'So+' ❤️ @sopositivedsr . . #SoPositive #SocialForGood.”

Ananya said in the video,

“They wrote you are too thin... You have no talent and you are too tall. They wrote you are flying on your father's money... You are a product of nepotism. They wrote you need implants... They call me 'overacting ki dukan' and a fashion disaster. They wrote about my mom, my dad and even about my younger sister and my friends. They accused me of being a liar.

Just for a moment, I contemplated about who they are... They are nothing just faceless, unidentified and unverified newly created social media accounts... Social media bullies and I thought why me? Why would someone who does not even know me pass such nasty personal remarks? In the end, I realised its not me... Its not only me.”

Ananya also launched the logo of the initiative on the photo-video sharing platform. She captioned it,

“#Repost @sopositivedsr with @get_repost ・・・ This Social Media Day.. Let's All strive to be 'So+' ! 😁

SocialMediaDay #SocialForGood”

Further, she requested all netizens to build a positive atmosphere on social media.

Ananya added,

“Our generation is prone to insensitive remarks. I wonder why civil conduct followed in real life is not followed on social media... Why make social media a dumping ground of so much hate. Why be so negative? Why not just be positive?”
It can be said that the initiative of Ananya is surely the first as well as a major step in the right direction to fight away what every teenager on social media deals with.

Backed with substantial data, research, and behavioral statistics, ‘So Positive’ is an original cause taken up by Ananya. All she is doing is creating and spreading awareness about social media bullying.

Many Bollywood celebrities like Kiara Advani, Actor Varun Dhawan, Filmmaker Karan Johar, praised actor Ananya Panday for announcing the initiative ‘So Positive’ to stop bullying on social media.

Karan said in his story,

“Say no to cyber bullying! Say yes to positivity.”


Varun Dhawan also put the story,

“Spread the positivity.”

Kiara wrote on the story,

“@ananyapanday So glad you started this initiative.”

Gauri Khan wrote on her Twitter handle,

“Good initiative @ananyapandayy ... raising awareness about this subject. @SoPositiveDSR”

Faridoon Shahryar took to his official handle and wrote,

“This is such a mature and sensible message from @ananyapandayy on why social media bullying is not cool...


Anurag Kashyap wrote, ‏ “Congratulations @ananyapandayy for launching @SoPositiveDSR to create awareness against cyber bullying.”

Wish you all the luck for the initiative, Ananya Pandey!