Would Raman Manage to Kiss Ishita? In Yeh Hai Mohabbatien!

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The popular Star Plus reality series, Yeh Hai Mohabbatien has got a lot of love and attention from the fans, ever since it started. With several amusing characters and an interesting storyline, the show apparently has reached a point where the fans would be able to see some glimpse of Raman and Ishita’s romance.

Raman and Ishita’s building chemistry

Now the show’s track has reached to an interesting tangent where Raman, totally jealous with Mani, is in attempt to kiss Ishita in order to prove himself a good husband.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein castRaman and Ishita who got married for Ruhi’s sake have now started falling for each other slowly, without even realizing. Raman when declared not being a perfect husband by Ishita’s best friend Mani, feels anguished and decides to show everyone that he is an idealistic husband. Intended for that Raman, reachout Bala for his advice and help over the matter however after failing to do so he opts for seeking some help online.

Over there Raman finds many advices for being a perfect husband including kissing his wife. Begrudging from Mani’s words, Raman decides to do whatever it takes for becoming a perfect husband.

Now it would going to be really interesting to know, how the Punjabi Munda Raman will manage to Kiss his Mandrasi wife Ishita!!