Nayana Krishna Arrested For Extortion a Doctor by Sex Tape

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Lately on Tuesday October 8, a Kannada actress Nayan Krishna was couch by the police in an extortion case. The small-time actress supposedly trapped a city based doctor with the help of her friend, taking her video with the doctor in a compromising position.

Later than the actress started blackmailing the doctor, asking for money in order to avert her releasing the tape in public. The actress had done a lead role in a Kannada movie entitled ‘Kotlallappo Kai’, done a handful of TV serials and along with this she had also done a number of item numbers as well, but none of this proved conducive for the actress. Thus the actress allegedly took the path of honey trapping.

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After putting the actress behind the bars with her gang members, police concluded that the actress had a gang of six members with whom she used to trap high profile people by persuading them for sex.

Well there are estimations that there can be big names as businessmen and politicians too, who could have became the victim of the gang’s trap.