Popular TV Celebrities with Long Hair, Revealing Their Hair Secrets!

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Long hair is synonymous with magnificence in India. Throughout the years our driving women from Bollywood or TV industry have brandished glossy hair. Heaving long, lustrous hairs is every girl’s desire! Here are some gorgeous Television divas sharing secrets of their long hair.

Celebrities with Long Hair and Their Secrete Hair Care Tips

Saumya Seth

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Saumya the Navy of TV industry believes that a balanced diet is the best mantra to have happy hair.  She eats a healthy diet and advices to do so to all girl fans.

Krystle D’Souza Hair Tips

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Krystle D’Souza believes the same, green veggies and healthy food is the secret behind Krystle’s beautiful hair. Krystle don’t forget to oil and condition her hair. She advices to get hair trimmed every so often for a better growth.

Lovey Sasan

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She says she washes her hair frequently four times in a week and applies oil for her healthy locks. The other secret behind her long silky hair is a mixture of amla, reetha, egg, shikakai with dahi.

Digangana Suryavanshi Hair Tips

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Oiling and head massage strengthen Digangana’s hair to deal with her hectic schedule. Eating healthy and no-no to chemical based products is Digangana’s hair mantra.

Aasiya Kazi

Aasiya Kazi-long-hair

Eating healthy food, oiling hair and trimming is what Aasiya Kazi feels the best way to have long healthy tresses. She says she don’t experiment much with her hair and keep them simple for less damage.

Follow These Tips of Celebs with Long Hair and Make Sure to Have an Edge Over Others


Well, we think this exclusive hair tips from your favorite TV celebs would for sure heal you make your hair head sway over others.

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