20th Jan Sasural Simar Ka Exposes the Fake Mask of Roli

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In the latest episode of the famous daily soap of color’s TV ‘Sasural Simar Ka’, Amar says to fake Roli that- I recorded everything in my cell phone and I will tell everything to the whole family that you are the green-eyed woman.

Fake Roli starts screaming that Sid and Mata ji please save me. Listening the voice of Roli, Sid and Prem rushes downstairs but sudden off they finds their doors are locked from outside. Both Knocks the door and calls Simar (Deepika Samson) and Roli to open the doors.

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On the other side, Roli messes whole room and snappily says please leave me and she breaks all the bud vases in the room. For which Simar and Amar shockingly asks, what are you doing, have you gone mad? Fake Roli pushes aside Simar and says you have to leave this house.

Amar Unveils the Truth of ‘Fake roli’ in Front of Simar

Listening Simar’s voice Sid breaks the door, comes out, and opens everyone’s locked doors. Everyone gets shocked to see Simar fainted on floor and Roli crying in a corner. Mata ji immediately asks Roli what happened here and who did this? Roli hugs Sid and points at Amar standing in corner. She says Amar came here and attacked Simar to seek revenge and when she went to save Simar he tried to rape me.

Sasural Simar Ka Serial

Everyone gets shocked and couldn’t believe that Amar has this face as well. Suddenly Amar picks a vase and goes to attack Simar. To see this Prem slaps Amar and says I won’t leave you Amar. But Amar starts hitting Prem and Sid. To see this Rajhinder calls the cops.

Simar Tells Mata ji, the Actual Truth is More Dangerous

The next morning, everybody seems tensed to see Simar unconscious. Then sudden off Simar reminds the last night’s incident and wakes up. To see Mata ji in front of her, she immediately hugs Mata ji. Mata ji says to Simar that don’t worry we know all the truth. But Simar says, we were all wrong, what you all know is not the actual truth. In fact, the truth is a lot more dangerous, and she suddenly stops to see Fake roli.

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