Priyanka Says “Now I Can Beat Anyone”

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Priyanka now lost all her muscles, which she built for her upcoming movie Mary-Kom, but she feels more substantial and able to make a strong fight to anyone.

PC said “Today, I can beat anyone, it feels great”. Priyanka, one of Hindi film industry’s indomitable actors,exclaimed during a tete-a-tete with IANS while she was on the move for her promotional commitments for Mary Kom.

“Building muscles can’t make you feel empowered, but stronger. I did! I have lost all my muscle now, but I still feel strong. I still believe I have those muscles,” Priyanka Chopra added.

On a self-examine note, she said: “Muscles are very superficial thing. What they did for me, honestly, was being able to learn a sport. I’ve never learnt a sport in my life. That too a contact sport. For me, it was a huge challenge to learn an entire sport”.

She stated “Today, you can put me in a boxing ring. I may not be able to beat another boxer, but I'll be able to give her a tough fight. I've learnt it that much. It also makes me believe that women must learn some form of self-defense.”