Poonam Pandey Says Kim Kardashian’s Booty Act Was a Copy of Hers!

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Hot Poonam Pandey is a known name for making headlines with her blond and blunt moves. The diva has gain few Bollywood endeavors as well owning to her revealing pictures as well as seductive videos, now here is the latest coming from Miss Pandey.

Poonam Pandey Says She Was the First to Flaunt Her Booty

As we are witnessing, everyone is endeavoring to break the internet these days, after Kim Kardashian’s hot cover photo shoot. Consequently, how can Poonam Pandey left behind in this race. Poonam yet again tried to raise eyebrows with her bold act, in which is flaunting her derriere taking the path of Kim Kardashian.

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Well showing her back via the microblogging site was not enough for the diva thus she came ahead to claim that she first exposed her derriere and Kim Kardashian followed her. Wow, you need guts to say that or perhaps no brains! Don’t you think so?

Ponnam Pandya and Kim Kardashian's Hot pics

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Poonam’s Fixation with Kim Kardashian’s Booty Show

The leggy lass seem to have infatuated with Kim’s booty act, as a result she couldn’t get herself deprive of tweeting her booty pics on twitter. Be it a pic alongside a nude mannequin or flaunting her booty on a couch, Poonam Pandey fixation is going bold and wild eventually.

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We can’t understand what she is actually up to? Apparently, she wants the world to bow down and accept that her booty act is exceedingly better than Kim Kardashian’s breaking the internet shoot!

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