Mr. X Movie Review

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Vikram Bhatt’s Mr. X movie is a 3D si-fi thriller that boasts a fictional quirky story. Starring Emraam Hashmi and Amyra Dustur, the film’s plot depicts leads portraying the role of ATC officers (Anti Terrorist Department). The two are in love with each other and are about to get married however, here comes a twist in there lives!

Emraan Hashmi gets obligated to assassinate Chief Minister (Arunoday Singh), the solution to come out of the trouble comes in the form of invisibility. He becomes invisible to use the power against the evils. Seems specious!

Let’s Talk About Mr. X Movie Concept and Plot

This was about the story, well as far as the Mr. X movie Review is apprehended, it isn’t an extrude interesting take. Many of the sequences and scenes highlight some loopholes in the script, the invisibility factor was the biggest amongst the same.

The graphics and 3D factor is quite interesting however, the movie and the script seems falling short on the logical front. Emraan Hashmi, being Emraam Hashmi has done several kissing scenes some in his invisibility state as well, that’s quite strange!

Verdict - Not so Impressive Mr. X movie Review

The transformation of the story from a love story to a revengeful mission seems quite incomprehensible. On the whole, Mr. X movie doesn’t seems to have many things to offer rather the 3D vista. If you are an Emraan Hashmi fan then you should go and watch the movie else it’s just a so so!