Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranveer and Ishani, Getting Close

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The romance of lead pair Ranveer and Ishani seems boosting day by day. The latest episode November 14 of colors TV ‘Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi illustrated how Ishani falls into the arms of Ranveer.

Ishani Falls into the Arms of Ranveer

Ishani was blowing dry her wet hair when she got astonished to see Ranveer, and slipped on her wet feet. Ranveer saved her from falling, holding her up in his arms. Amba watched all this and get annoyed.

Ishani shows her rage on Ranveer, saying that it is his home that doesn’t meant he could go everywhere. RV on the other hand arrested that he doesn’t need permission from anyone to go anywhere. Both started arguing about the same, Ishani said she can’t change in front of him, to which RV replied her to go to the washroom.


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RV Helps Ishani, Draping Her Saree

Ishani and Ranveer gets ready for the party threw by Amba. Ranveer smiles at Ishani who does not know how to wrap a saree. Ranveer helps her wearing saree by giving a video tutorial. Raveer intentionally steps into Ishani saree when Parul calls both to visit the temple. Ranveer then persuade Ishani to let him wrap her saree, as they don’t have another option. In-between both come closer and look into each other‘s eyes.