Jodha Akbar: Maha Manga Dies in Jalal’s Arms!

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The well cherished show Jodha Akbar took an emotional turn when 19th September’s episode telecasted Jalal’s Maha manga taking her last breaths in his arms. The episode started with an emotional trip for Akbar when Jodha’s words strikes Akbar. Akbar revived the old good memories of Maha Manga when she raised him with sincere love and affection.

For shifting Maha Manga, Man singh takes her to the cart. Maham wishes to meet Jodha consequently Hamida send her a message. While Jodha awfully prays in front of Lord Krishna for not being able to fulfil the wish of a dying person, she gets the message of Maham. Jodha represents her heartiest regret to Maham for not being able to change the emperor’s mind. At one fell swoop, Mahan notices Akbar approaching her, Akbar come towards Mahan calling her Badi Ammi. Jalal removes his crown and burst into tears, Jalal elaborates that Emperor Akbar punished Maha Manga for her crime but her son Jalal still loves her a lot.

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Maha Manga acknowledges Jodha for proffering her such a beautiful gift of her life and blesses her to have Mugal thorn’s heir from her womb. Maha Manga stoops her head in front of Jodha, and says that she totally deserve being the Chief Queen.

The last segment of the Jodha Akbar made the views to burst into tears when Maham told Akbar that now she wants to sleep and wished him to sing the same lullaby which she use to sing for him in his childhood, meanwhile Maham took her last breath in Akbar’s arms!