Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Jealous to Jodha and Wants her Child

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Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Demands Jodha’s Child to Jalal

In Zee TV’s famous serial “Jodha Akbar” Rukaiya Begam has once again started to play her evil games against Jodha Begam (Paridhi Sharma). She specially meets to Jalal (Rajat Tokas) and shares her pain for inability to become a mother, but Jalal not ready for it.

She request Jalal to give one of the Jodha’s child to her, so she can get the pleasure of raising a child. Jalal tells to Rukaiya that he has no rights to distance a child from its mother.

Even after emotional blackmail of Rukaiya, Jalal unheard her request, but she didn't stop there she went to court and ask Jalal to fulfill his promise. Jalal is in a dilemma and refuses to grant Rukaiya’s wish.

Later Rukaiya meets Jodha and give an emotional speech saying that she does not have a child. Jodha is speechless looking Rukaiya’s pain. It will be revealed that Rukaiya is just doing a drama in front of Jodha Begam, because she wants a child and win against Jodha to become “Marium Zamani”.

What will happened …………. just wait for Jodha Akbar’s next upcoming episodes………..