Hit-Run Case: Two Witnesses Depose Salman Was At the Wheel

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Now it’s almost been eleven-twelve years ever since the Bollywood’s  Dabang  Salman Khan’s Mumbai hit and run case. The re-trail of the case began a several months earlier when Salman, according to the grapevine, smashed into a shop injuring four and killing one.

Witnesses’ statements on Salman Khan's Hit-Run Case:

Now once again, two more witnesses deposed against the actor in the court today. One of the two witness said that, Salman Khan was setting on the driver’s seat of SUV. Ever since the initiation of the case the actor’s lawyers were conflicting that, he was not on the driver’s seat however, today a parking attendant of JW Marriott mentioned that he had seen the actor on driver’s seat. In addition the attendant even claimed that singer Kamal Khan was sitting on the back seat of the vehicle behind Salman and the actor had given him a tip of Rs. 500 too.

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However, when he was cross examined by the defense lawyer, the witness’s statements sounded contradicting though.

The second witness asserted that he saw the crowd gather around the actor’s car, shouting him to get out of the car.

For now the trail has been suspended up till November 5.