Bollywood Song 'Bach Ke Bakshy' Lyrics from Detective Byomkesh Bakshy

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'Bach Ke Bakshy' Song Lyrics

Yo, As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death You see, His eyes ain't even blinking, why you checking his breath? Hidden... Under the blanket, a stain of the sweat Oh, so the murder weapon used was a chain on the neck Or did they bang on the head? Why is there blood on the bed? And also judging by the stain marks they poisoned his head Nobody judge me... Nobody hugs me... Except for... Bakshy Bakshy teri raat vaat kaagzaat maach bhat bacha na re Bakshy meri baat maan, jaan aan shaan plan bacha na re Sar se dhad se katega re, darwaaze taale todega re -2 (Seal wale hothon ko tu seela rehen de Deep jo hai gada murda pada rehen de)-2 Bakshy teri life hai peeth mein knife hai Beh gaya jo khoon uska kya blood type hai

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Bach Ke Bakshy Song Lyrics

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