7 Facts About Sunny Leone & Daniel That Might Not Have Entertained You

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Bollywood most scorching couple Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber has shared major relationship goals to their fans. Each and every moment, love between them grows and a beautiful moment is captured.

No doubt, couple proves that they are unique in their own way. While Sunny Leone who always makes headlines after every release her husband Daniel has a huge role to play in it. Here are some interesting yet hidden facts about Sunny Leone and Daniel, which might have not entertained you yet.

Oops! Sunny Revealed that She was caught by her father when she was making out…

  • They are not only life partners instead they are business partners too –

They mutually started Sunlust Pictures as a joint venture in the year 2009.

  • Sunny never signs any film without Daniel Approval –

She herself detailed about Daniel role in her career –

No script offered to me is approved without Daniel's permission. I do not sign any contract without making him read it.

  • In spite of their hectic schedules the duo never ever misses enjoying vacationing together.

  • Daniel is a guitarist from Los Angeles, and now he is the business manager of Sunny Leone.

  • What would have been better than this if your husband is a good cook

Daniel loves pampering Sunny by making the food she loves. Awww… that’s so sweet.

  • And that Common Love Story of Uncommon Stars

Daniel waited for six weeks to convince Sunny Leone. But she wanted him to reject her so she went late for the date. –

I wanted him to reject me, so I went late for my first date with Daniel.


And now, she give full credit to him for her success.

  • And those Gifting Sessions –

In 2014 Daniel gifted her luxurious car, not only this he also gifted the actress a custom designed diamond and emerald necklace.