Zhu Zhu Fitted In Salman’s Tubelight - Pics Inside

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The Kabir Khan’s new film Tubelight shooting is started with main star Salman Khan. The shoot location is the heaven location Ladakh.  

According to the source, the shoot has delayed by one day due to the Salman Khan’s Freaky Ali trailer launch. Salman is appearing too busy to promote this trailer.

Very late night, he departed for the Ladakh to start the shoot of Tubelight from Monday morning.  

Tubelight shows a timeline of a periodic story that also features 1962 war of Indo-China. The chinese actress Zhu Zhu has been selected for the main lead opposite to Salman.   

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The Instagram of Zhu Zhu is updated with her latest pics with Salman but at some point of time, the pics were removed from the account. Might be, the production team is not ready for such things. But here’s the pic that we have already captured for you:

Zhu Zhu pics in Salman movie Tubelight

Some Other Instagram Pictures Of Zhu Zhu






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