Divyanka Tripathi to Shoot an Intimate Scene for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi will be shooting for a culmination scene for their serial 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' one week from now.

According to sources, "Divyanka has put forth some conditions for shooting the scene. She has asked the production house that there should be minimal people on the sets and that the costumes for the scene should be of her choice. She wants the scene to look aesthetic and not vulgar in any way. In fact, she has said that she will shoot the scene only if her conditions are adhered to."
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Sources likewise say that after this track, the creators will begin making arrangements for the era jump succession that will go on air before the current months over or one month from now.

Divyanka Tripathi Regrets Being in Relationship with Ex Ssharad?

Divyanka Tripathi's part with long-term bf, Maharana Pratap actor Ssharad Malhotra left everybody befuddled. The couple, in their announcement, said they were canceling it commonly. Nonetheless, there were bits of gossip that the actors philandering ways had turn into a major concern, which drove the relationship to end.
"I won't blame him for everything. Actually, I do(laughs). But still, there are certain things which I believe even I was at fault. For example, we make this man the center of our world. We believe our life is a fairytale, brought up by a prince charming and you live happily ever after. Why can't a woman independently have a happy ending?" Divyanka said.
Divyanka Tripathi Boyfriend

Divyanka further explained on how she would restless, cook non-veg sustenance and set aside a few minutes for his family, though he never did likewise. Although, the separation has taught her one of life's most prominent lessons.

"We women are fools to do so much for the man we love. And we forget to stand for ourselves. Now I ask myself, why did I do all that? The most important lesson I have learnt through this relationship is- don't ever lose your identity in making others happy," she added.
Elsewhere in the news, the extreme stage is currently in the past and the actress is doing great, to the extent her profession is concerned. She stowed trophies like no other at the as of late closed Star Parivaar Awards 2015 and Zee Gold Awards.
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