OMG! No Rape with Mihika, Ishita Let To Know

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In the hospital, after the Mihika recovers Ishita can counsels to her. The doctor adds that Ishita watched the news and guessed that Mihika attempted suicide due to sexual assault. In the honeymoon incident, Mihika was untouched by Ashoka. After then the doctor checked Mihika and informs her that she was not raped by anyone.

So, Ishita counsels the patient and found that there was no rape or any kind of sexual contact. Mihika is still virgin, confirms the doctor. By hearing this news from the doctor, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein cast Ishita feels relaxed. With happy feeling Ishita tries to inform the other as well. She proceeds with Raman and Shagun to the doctor to repeat the same statement which she hears a few minutes earlier. Shagun again becomes assured that Ishita cheat with him.

Mihika Wants To Marry With Ashok

Shagun says Raman that she still believes on Ashok. She criticized Ishita and Mihika for her breakup. Mihika who is recovering, will be informed by Ashok that she wants to marry with him. Ashok will also tell Ishita that Mihika now will have no other option but to marry him.

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Raman, who has no idea about Ashok's plans would not give much importance to Ishita's truth to the doctor that she just said a few minutes back. Despite all this trueness Mihika fails to prove Raman.

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