Will Ishita Succeed In Exposing Ashok In Front of Shagun?

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Last week in the episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we saw that on the dinner party of ‘Mani’, where Ashok was heavily drunk and doesn’t saw Ishita talks to Mani that he will not marry Shagun and was just using her. He had given correct marriage card to her only. Ishita hears conversation between Ashok and Mani and looks much tensed. Meanwhile, Raman goes to pick Shagun as he is concerned about him due to night late hours but saw that she is been dropped in Mani’s car and is safe.

Due to heartily and caring nature of Ishita, she thinks for Shagun at night and discuss with Mihika and they both feel sorry for Shagun. They both decide to plan something for Shagun and inform Raman before doing something. At night, when Ishita tells Raman what she heard he was just stunned and silent.

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Awaiting for Shagun’s Reaction When She Comes to know the Truth

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Will Ishita be able to expose Ashok? What will be her plan? What will be the Shagun’s Expression? Will the truth revealed out? The story of the serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to twist to a new mode where there will be lot of suspense, drama, romance. Stay with us for more updates.