What To Know ‘Why Akshay Kumar’s Next Film called ‘Baby’!

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From the day one when Akshay Kumar’s film “Baby” news break out, fans were wondering ‘why action man had entitled his next project as “BABY”?!’

Also you might have known that, Akshay Kumar and Sajid Khan had worked together for a film ‘Heyy Babby’ in past. So, is this the reason why they came up with title “Baby”, is it so?

So, Neeraj Pandey decided to shade some light on it with us, “There is no huge secret behind my film's title. It's the nickname for the black op. that Akshay Kumar and the others in his team are part of. The unit is on a trial-run for five years. And since it's in its infancy everyone calls it 'Baby'. As simple as that."

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The maker wanted to attract the attention of audience, but doesn't want to trigger an unnecessary fuzz around the movie.

"Audiences must be told what they need to know about a film, and they can't come to my film expecting to see a cute infant in it." Neeraj Pandey added.