Welcome to Karachi Review

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Director Ashish R Mohan’s Welcome to Karachi movie, which was supposed to be inspired by Hollywood flick Dumb and Dumber, finally hit the theaters today on May 29. So, here we are with our Welcome to Karachi review! Starring Arshad Warsi, Lauren Gottlieb and Jackky Bhagnani in key roles, the film gyrates around two friends, who are perceptibly Arshad and Jackky.

Jackky as Kedar Patel is a US freak, who try and fail landing up to the country grounding visa issues, however Arshad becomes his godsend, and freakily make certain to take him to US. The two eventually lands up to Karachi, Pakistan- so predictable! And here they falls in the clutch of Taliban, who deduce them of being Indian informers.

All Illogical Comedy- Disappoints the Audience!

Where Shammi Thakur (Arshad Warsi) is an outrageous ex-Navy officer on the contrary, Kedar Patel (Jackky Bhagnani) is a good for nothing boy of a Gujarati businessman. The two come together and a semi cruise wedding lands them into Pakistan, which comes as the turning point in their story. Well let us make clear that Shammi is now the employee Kedar’s fathe, who is a party planner. The whole story revolves merely around the question that, would they be able to return to their land, from this chaos? There are few instances of amusement in the film between the two actors however in most of the instances the slapstick appears falling flat. After Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786, Rohit Shetty’s assistant seems failing in his attempt to create comedy on screen yet again.

Nonetheless, few gags as the self-fiction story by Pakistani news channel, Arshadi’s comedic timing and Jackky’s attempt to catch Gujarati accent, works in the favor of welcome to Karachi movie.

As coveted, the film is a mindless comedy, indeed without any mind! The director seems to make the audience laugh with every bit of a scene, which goes amiss. As far as the technical aspects and the editing are concerned, neither editing is up to the mark, nor the film is technically sound. For the most part, things appear going on a hasty and baffled manner throughout. Talking about the third character of the film, which is almost unnoticed, is Lauren. The character has been scantily written and execute.

Arshad-Jackky’s Welcome to Karachi Movie isn’t a Welcoming Comedy!

In so far as the film has to be go with, it suggest that it’s a bad idea to go to Pakistan, where a tea vender even roar around with a gun! There are many a things, which are certainly specious and illogical. A stereotype though about the country and people, which is totally not well projected and even couldn’t bring out any laughter.

All things considered, the film isn’t what we expected it to be, unlike it’s a poor comic take that it even hasn’t cooked out well! If you are up for laughing riot in the theater watching a fultoo comedy flick that we would say welcome to Karachi movie isn’t the right choice for you!