Viral Video: SRK's Barely Speaking With Arnub Video Is Just Blah

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You all might know that the King of romance Shah Rukh Khan, is busy these day with the promotion of his forthcoming release, ‘Happy New Year’. The actor probably wants no stone unturned in order to promote his film, subsequently Shah Rukh has come up with a fresh innovative strategy in order to grasp the attention of facebook users and tweeples.

King Khan has released his amusing video with fake Arnub Goswami. Giving interview to the fake Arnub Goswami, Shah Rukh is trying hard to tickle the funny bone of the audiences, in the video. The fake Arnub is even struggling to make fun of Arnub Goswami’s character, but is merely failing in his attempt.

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The fourteen minute video, titled ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’ is just a fallen attempt for the promotion of Happy New Year. The interesting part is that the video has already started trending, tuning Khan’s endeavor to workout.

Barely Speaking with Arnub : SRK