Video a�� Sridevia��s Final Journey, Fans Gathered At The Celebration Sports Club

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All-time favourite Bollywood actresses Sridevi has returned her home (sadly for the last time). Her mortal remain is safely kept in the celebrations Sports Club, where all her family members, B-town stars, and fans can pay their last respects. As expected her fans have gathered in large numbers and seriously it is getting much difficult for the police officers to manage the crowd. You wona��t believe but the crowd is literally trying to break the gates to watch their favourite actress for the last time.




Yesterday, also fans gathered outside the actress house in huge number. But must say, police authorities and officials are trying best to keep the crowd under control. Apart from fans, many b-town stars also frequently visited Anil Kapoora��s house and met Sri Devia��s daughter Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor. Ita��s already been 3 days to the news but still, we cana��t believe that our beloved actress is no more. The cremation will take place today by 3:30 p.m. at Pawan Hans Crematorium.

Life is really uncertain, we all will miss you Sri Devijia��#RIP